Wordcount Summary #09

Wordcount Summary #09

Another bad week of writing but at least I got some worldbuilding and research done. Which doesn’t excuse my lack of writing but explains the very low wordcount.

But this made me realize that I have a lot of other work to do before I can continue writing what I’ve been writing, hence, I will take the rest of March off from writing. You shouldn’t expect another of these little updates before April. Hopefully, by then I’m gonna have a more solid plan of attack.

I’ll see you soon!

Wordcount of week #09: 720

Total for 2018: 25,218


Week #01: 4,144
Week #02: 958
Week #03: 919
Week #04: 3,938
Week #05: 8,186
Week #06: 1,644
Week #07: 3,971
Week #08: 527
Week #09: 720

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